Love My Yoni Herbal Steam Bath

Love My Yoni Herbal Steam Bath

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(3 Satchels Included)

Vaginal steams with traditional plants is a self-care practice to support and cherish our reproductive system. Medicinal Herbs have been a powerful form of healing since ancient times. Respected and shared by healers around the world; vaginal steaming is an ancient practice that is restoring its presence with many women around the globe. Our Herbal Steam Bath blend of traditional herbs promotes uterus health, relaxation, and skin detoxification.

Herbal Steam Bath includes: Chamomile, Red Clover, Red Raspberry, Estafiate, Ortiga, Hibiscus, and Rose. (Free of GMO, Hybrid, and Chemicals)

Your herbal steam bath comes with:

  • 3 Herbal Steam Bath Satchels
  • Instructions & Uses for Our Herbal Steam Bath