Black Rose Tonic - Mother To Be

Black Rose Tonic - Mother To Be

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Mother & Baby Nutrients in One Bottle - Plant-based Natural Alternative to Prenatal Pills

Yellowdock | Ortiga | Dandelion | Red Raspberry

Our Black Rose Tonic is specially designed for expecting mothers providing the most important nutrients for both baby and mother. Yellowdock has been loved my pregnant women for its ability to improve iron assimilation, build blood, helps prevent jaundice in babies. Ortiga is very high in iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium, which helps to nourish mother and fetus. The Vitamin K in Ortiga helps to prevent hemorrhaging. This plant is also esteemed for improving kidney function and when used by nursing mothers, it improves milk quality and quantity. Red Raspberry very common herb for pregnant women and often recommended by mid-wives, it is: Anti-abortive (it helps to prevent miscarriage), antiseptic (it aids in preventing infection), hemostatic (helps to prevent excess bleeding during and after labor), nutritive (very rich in calcium, magnesium and iron, thus helping to prevent cramps and anemia), paturient (facilitates the birth process) and it is a tonic by promoting healthy tone in the kidneys, liver, uterus and mucous membranes.

Consider a sensible diet and drink lots of water.