About Us

We are a natural health alternative specializing in wholistic wellness for body, mind and spirit. Empress Ala is the founder and designer of Black Organics. A few years back she took a bold step to rid herself and family of illnesses by eliminating meat, dairy, junk, or any type of processed foods, and sugar. This approach was taken as an alternative to the treatments she and her children were undergoing which didn’t give any form of relief or healing. By bringing awareness to self love and self care as well as help from her plant based diet, she was able to fully eradicate the toxins that were causing them illnesses. Since her lifestyle change she’s yet to record any form of sickness.

The Inspiration

When Goddess discovered the results of her self-healing approach, the obvious decision was to share it with those having similar health challenges. It is this story that led her to founding Black Organics. Through her and her families health trials, she understands how personal health is and aims at offering a more gentle natural remedy for self-care. Black Organics is cultivated around the natural goodness of mineral based herbs and is centered on family health and general wellbeing.

Goddess education ranges from Certified Womb & Steam Practitioner, Womb Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Traditional Plants Studies, Wholistic Wellness and self love advocate. With several degrees including Associate of Arts and Psychology, she’s been able to provide consultations to sisters and brothers around the world regarding their mental and physical concerns. 

Range of Products

Our products include herbal supplements for hormonal balance and body nourishment, sacred yoni care, herbal pads and lots more. Being an outlet of women and men health products, we carefully curated products to fit most common needs for self-care. This is why we advocate for the re-education of the working principles of the body, mind and spirit; understanding our biochemistry and those natural alternatives for optimal wellness. 

We are making progress in the lives and health situations of many. Health is sacred, good health is coveted, take the oath with us in taking responsibility for your health and respecting your divine creation, your body!

You’re welcome to drop a comment, like or mention us on Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll be sure to get back to you. Our bodies, our responsibility!

Happy Healing!