Product Reviews

  My skin is much clearer since using the black seed oil, soap and body butter. Hopefully this product continues to be around because this seems to be the only thing that works for my skin. 

-  Ashley Taylor 6/22/18


 Can't do without the olive leaf. Bronchitis much better. Thanks

- C. Richards 6/11/18


 The olive leaf extract is lovely. It has been tremendously helpful.

 - Anonymous 


 The black seed oil has really helped my diabetes. Overall my health is a lot better. 

- Kendrick Miller 6/10/18


 I appreciate all you done for the family. I'm very satisfied, I've been able to use my hands and legs again. Wonderful product, thank you again family. Peace and love.

- Anonymous 


 I had a problem with vaginal odor. I was amazed at the discharged that pass through when I cleansed with the v'tox pearls. I no longer have vaginal odor. Thank you

- M. Riviera 4/18/18


 Hi I just want to let you know that I love the shea body butter, I am moisturized all day, Will you be adding scents to this product?

- Anonymous


 The yoni cleanse, pads, and pearls are the truth!!!

- Felicia Liverpool 4/7/18


 I have recurring yeast infections so the yoni soak brings much relief.

- Anonymous


 I feel a huge difference in my energy when I go without the olive leaf extract. One tablespoon in the morning a day and I'm good to go. Thanks for this!!

- Bailey Smith 4/1/18