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I wanted to give an update on your awesome supplement. I am in surgical menopause. And the hot flashes started happening. So bad that I called my Dr for hormone replacement. I started the supplements and noticed the flashes were fewer and far between. My prescription is still at the pharmacy. If your product has help this much in a week. Continuing it can only have an even better outcome. With NO CHEMICALS!! Thank you. Your new life time customer. 

- Anonymous

Since learning on a better way to care for me and my family. I have had the pleasure in coming across this company for all of our health needs. I am certain as I continue in purchasing the products that I will continue to see a change for the better in our health. So far I purchase the black seed oil and the yoni wash along with the feminine pads/liners. All I can say is this stuff is amazing!!

- M. Long

Thank You ancestors, and @shopblackorganics I can't say or write enough great words about these natural products. I will go through each product and review them separately. Until then on the website shopblackorganics.com there are a ton of articles, research, and information. After having my daughter I was very sick. (A book of problems) So after countless doctors visits. I went a step further and started doing research, exercising, and changing my diet. That's when I began to feel a bit more energized, and stonger. When I started to change my diet that was good. But that alone wasn't enough. I was still missing something. These two products were the missing key for me. Once I started drinking these. It changed the quality of my life! 


Hi if you are looking for some natural feminine products try @shopblackorganics they have great products..


Thanks for the tonic I feel good I have been releasing real good. My skin looks great I look healthier I jumped in the air today. I can only keep hoping things will get better.

- Anonymous


I just must say thanks for the children's tonic. Not many products thats natural for children and that really works as good as this one. Was hesitate but definitely worth it.


I'll be ordering my extract once I'm off today and these pills! I'll be pregnant here soon I'm sure lol Thank you they really helping me!

This tonic is amazing! Not only does it give me lots of energy but the taste exhilarating yet not to bitter! Loooove it!! #selfloveselfcare


I am on my second bottle on root tonic. I have better bowl movements and it seems to take away my appetite a little more.


I recently ordered the black soap and butta and love them both...I especially love the Royal Black Soap. It seemed to really work on my recently diagnosed skin fungus under my breast.

- Anonymous 



I love love the Vtox pearls! It got my vagina environment back to normal! A couple weeks ago I had a great menstrual cycle the first time since I've given birth.  My youngest will be 10 years old next month!  It really shed out my womb it seemed like,  without any cramping! Just very grateful for this product! Thank you! 

- Anonymous 
I notice I have so much energy since taking the tonic. I do not have as much pain throughout the day. I really see a good difference in my body.
- Anonymous 
Tonic life is real what I appreciate the most was that I used it in the midst of a severe abdominal pain and all I can say is after a cup my pain was gone!!!!
 - K. A. 
OMG I love these pads as well I'm using them for the first time and I can honestly say I wouldn't go back to regular pads.
- Golden 
The pads are my absolute faves!
- P 
I am loving the tonic I can not go without it
- Jasmine 
the stuff has been a game changer; feeling more alert throughout the day. Increased energy has increased gym output.
- Ed Jackson 
Hey Sis I'm loving those pas alot My flow is much lighter then before The mint feeling make me feel fresh and light. Do you have pantiliners available?
- Anonymous 
The tonic has definitely made me regular and more energetic!
- I. N. 
I did well. I feel much better after my last pearl cleanse.
- Anonymous 

My skin is much clearer since using the black seed oil, soap and body butter. Hopefully this product continues to be around because this seems to be the only thing that works for my skin. 

- Ashley Taylor


have tried the Olive Leaf and it has caused three moles to dry up and falloff my neckline.
- Anonymous

Can't do without the olive leaf. Bronchitis much better. Thanks

- C. Richards 


 The olive leaf extract is lovely. It has been tremendously helpful.

 - Anonymous 

 The black seed oil has really helped my diabetes. Overall my health is a lot better. 

- Kendrick Miller 


 I appreciate all you done for the family. I'm very satisfied, I've been able to use my hands and legs again. Wonderful product, thank you again family. Peace and love.

- Anonymous 


 I had a problem with vaginal odor. I was amazed at the discharged that pass through when I cleansed with the v'tox pearls. I no longer have vaginal odor. Thank you

- M. Riviera 


 Hi I just want to let you know that I love the shea body butter, I am moisturized all day, Will you be adding scents to this product?

- Anonymous


 The yoni cleanse, pads, and pearls are the truth!!!

- Felicia Liverpool 


 I have recurring yeast infections so the yoni soak brings much relief.

- Anonymous 

 I feel a huge difference in my energy when I go without the olive leaf extract. One tablespoon in the morning a day and I'm good to go. Thanks for this!!

- Bailey Smith