Organic Root Tonic

Organic Root Tonic

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16 oz 

Burdock | Dandelion | Sarsaparilla | Mango | Hombre | Blue Vervain | Bitter Melon | Guaco | Elder | Cascara | Amargo | Sea Moss

Organic Root Tonic is a unique compound of organic herbs crafted for deep cleaning the muscles, tissue walls, and blood. Highly rich in iron the life-force medicinal  herbal tonic brings optimal nourishment to the body systems for complete Wholistic Wellness. The high energy this compound offers is directly related to the iron phosphate that binds minerals and carries them to other body systems for repair. Burdock, an excellent blood purifier; provides an abundance of iron and insulin which makes it of special value to the blood.

C. H. O. = Chain of Life = Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen

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