Testo Booster

Testo Booster

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Support & Regulate the Male Endocrine System 

Kabuduli | Turnera | Jamaican Amor Root | Cocolmeca | Sarsapirilla | Sea Moss

The endocrine system consists of glands which create hormones that regulate sleep, sexual function, growth and development, reproduction, tissue function, metabolism, and mood. 

Testo Booster promotes sexual responsiveness, blood flow to male genitalia, sleep, and virility. This herbal formula supports superior masculine hormonal balance. Amor is quite popular throughout South and Central America. In Peruvian herbal medicine today, a leaf tea is used as a blood cleanser; to detoxify the body from environmental toxins and chemicals; as a urinary tract cleanser; and to treat ovarian and uterine problems such as inflammation and irritation. In Belize the entire plant is taken three times daily for seven to ten days for backaches. Alternatively, an entire plant is boiled and taken before meals for three to five days for relief of backache, muscle pains, kidney ailments, and erectile dysfunction or increase libido.

Consider a sensible diet. Drink lots of water while restoring your health. 

(16 oz)